Aqua Agro Launching its Indiegogo Campaign

September, 2018

Aqua Agro is soon to launch its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign through which we want to deploy our nodes in 50 farms. Aqua Agro saves 50% water while growing 35% more yield for the farmers. 

Aqua Agro incubated in NIC Karachi

Aqua Agro Incubated in NIC Karachi

August, 2018

Aqua Agro has been incubated in NIC Karachi in its very first cohort. The exciting place offers not only state of the art facility but also a large networking platform that will help accelerate Aqua Agro scale its business.

IOT Generator Monitoring Module for pre-order

S|Cube IOT Generator Monitoring Module

August, 2018

S|Cube is working on a high end generator monitoring module to monitor fuel input, usage and other parameters in order to avoid theft of fuel and provide ease of access in operations.  The device will soon be available for purchase.

Secure App website is live

Secure App Website is Live

July, 2018

S|Cube’s most innovative product is here. The secure app can detect whether your product/document is original or fake by identifying a unique image patter.
Learn more at Secure App website


Computer Vision and Machine Learning

July, 2018

Interesting work being done at Scube. Our machine learning engineers at their very best!
The system can be deployed at high intensity security areas and help detect suspicsious personnel and generate warnings.

Team Visit to Gadaap

Team Visit to Gadaap 

April, 2018

The team also made a routine visit to Gadaap recently where our Aqua Agro AI products have been deployed since 2016. The happy farmers of Gadaap are a source of immense pleasure and pride for S|Cube.

Team Visit to Larkana and Sindh

February, 2018

S|Cube team made customer outreach visits to Larkana and Hyderabad for revolutionizing agricultural sector through AI. The visits resulted as progressive steps for our on-going projects

Session on Artificial Intelligence in State Bank

Session on AI in State Bank of Pakistan

March, 2018

Dr. Khurram and team invited to give session on Artificial Intelligence, its impact and its benefits to the financial sector by the State Bank of Pakistan. 


S|Cube inaugration ceremony of its karachi office.

March, 2018

We are honored to begin operations at our Karachi office from January 2018 with our highly diversified and visionary team with the aim of fostering innovative solutions through AI, IOT and cloud computing disruptive technologies.

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