S|Cube’s agtech artificial intelligence system driven by data reduces water input, multiplies crop yields and maximizes profit for the farmers.The cloud based, data-driven decision making system uses IOT enabled devices to provide real value to the farmer enabling the farmer to cultivate more acres while keeping water usage to a minimum.

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The Secure App is the ultimate cost-effective solution for companies deeply concerned about forgery of their products. Using our trademarked authentication service, a consumer will need to only scan the product with his/her mobile to verify if the product is genuine or not. The consumers do not need to message any code to anyone for verification. They will only be required to scan the product with our App & will get the instant response whether the product is genuine or not. We believe that this product will be the first of its kind & it can revolutionize the industries specially drugs & pharmaceutical industries in terms of authentication of medicines.

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S|Cube has designed and developed an innovation solution pertaining to the niche of cricket gaming industry. The smart cricket ball has built-in sensors to measure performance parameters such as pin-rate, torque, bowling speed, line of action and the center of pressure. The data is valuable to provide decision support system to identify illegal bowling actions and provide new performance parameters and cloud based system of monitoring.


AIDEE is an artificially intelligent chatbot that S|Cube is initially offering to restaurant owners to install at their place. The chatbot will be taking orders from the customers simplifying the method of manual ordering system making the process fast and interactive for the customers while reducing human labour cost for the restaurants. The system is also immensely valuable for telecommunication companies to install at their call service centers for lodging of complaints or answering of FAQs and providing customer support services.



S|Cube has designed a unique safety gadget for warehouses to avoid human life injuries and accidents caused by automated machinery and vehicles. This project by S|Cube was made and delivered to a New Zealand Company. The workers are required to wear a smart vest, and all the vehicles are installed with a wireless gadget. Whenever a vehicle is in a close proximity of a worker (e.g 10m) the system stops the particular vehicle automatically. The gadget also sends a distress signal to other workers within a 150m radius so that they may come to assistance of the worker if required.


The Oximeter gadget developed by S|Cube will enable smart healthcare solutions for the hospitals. The hand-held device will measure the heart rate and oxygen saturation level . The solution is low-cost, reliable and repeatable and can be easily connected to any mobile device for data reading.


PINS - Positioning Indoor Navigation System

PINS is a flexible and easy-to-install gadget that can provide accurate indoor positioning with accuracy upto 1-2 meters. IPS is like a GPS for indoor environments which is useful in precisely locating certain objects and/or persons in an enclosed environment. S|Cube’s Indoor Positioning System is applicable to customers such as malls as it can easily facilitate locating a particular item or brand in a shelf.


S|Cube’s crowd analytics solution processes video input from commercial off-the-shelf cameras to provide valuable information using advanced machine learning algorithms. The system provides real value to infrastructure operators including Airports, Retail Malls, Train Stations. Crowds do not get larger or more complex than at the religious Hajj pilgrimage at Mecca. Furthermore, it can be used to scale political prominence of rallies or protests, as incompatible estimates are often reported for such events, making the system a valuable solution for media agencies to report the accurate no. of head counts.



S|Cube smart crop quality analysis system uses machine learning techniques to offer actionable intelligence to detect the quality of the crop The system drives down costs and achieves fast and accurate results which are otherwise not manually possible. The current available system can precisely predict the quality of rice, other crops, however can also be accounted for.

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