Dr. Muhammad Khurram

Dr. Muhammad Khurram is the Co-founder of S|Cube. Dr. Khurram has done his PhD from Massey University, New Zealand where his doctoral thesis was selected to be included in the “Dean of Graduate Research School’s List of Exceptional Theses” of Massey University, New Zealand. He has authored over 30 research publications and conference papers in international and national journals and conferences. Dr. Khurram has done exceptional innovational work being the focal person of “Research Center of Artificial Intelligence” and has won fundings for his research and development work by DAAD - Germany, Suparco and HEC. His most recent achievement is becoming the focal person of “National Centre for Artificial Intelligence”.


Dr. Saqib Bukhari

Dr. Saqib Bukhari is Co-founder and Head of Research and Development at S|Cube. He has done his PhD in Computer System Engineering from Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Dr. Saqib is internationally recognized for his work on Artificial Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning. His work on AI has been featured in “Galileo” – German Program and his received “Best Paper Awards” in international conferences of France and Italy. Dr. Saqib is currently a Senior Researcher at “German Center for Artificial Intelligence – DFKI” and has authored over 50 research publications.


Ramla Kaleem Shah
Chief Executive Officer

Ramla Kaleem is the Chief Executive Officer at S|Cube. She holds the key-role of directing and executing the vision and mission of the company while making key strategic decisions to achieve exponential growth. Ramla brings rich experience in commercializing tech innovative ideas fitting market needs and generating profits. Her million revenue generating project was featured in “Express Tribune” and aired on national media channel. Ramla is a certified Technology Entrepreneur from “IBA - AMAN CED” and has practical experience in identifying opportunities for growth and turning ideas into profit generating businesses.


Sundus Fatima
Software Development Team Lead

Sundus Fatima is Senior Software Development Team Lead at S|Cube. She has rich experience in multitude of software development projects. Being a core researcher at “Research Center for Artificial Intelligence”, Sundus has been leading the project’s software development side for many commercial, industrial and research based products. She is currently doing her Masters from NEDUET. Her research work is being done in collaboration with the “German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence” where she visits actively to enhance experience and bring back valuable insight to move the company forward.


Shazily Munawar
Business Development Advisor

A decade of experience demonstrating successful business results. Technical and business expertise coupled with international exposure. Domains: Analytics, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Solutions, Services Delivery. Agile Software Development


Laeeq Uz Zaman
Chief Technology Officer

Laeeq Uz Zaman is the Chief Technology Officer at S|Cube. He has valuable expertise in bringing technology ideas to life. Laeeq has immense insight on developing innovative and technological products. He has done his MS from NED university. His research interests include IOT, adhoc networks, embedded systems, wireless network, artificial intelligent systems and cloud computing. He has led various innovative commercial products for companies like K-Electric, Eplux, Tech4Life, Suparco and others. Laeeq has close work experience with the “German Research Center for Artificial intelligence”.


Ahsan Rehman
Chief Marketing Officer

Ahsan Rehman holds the key responsibility of finding potential clients and building up market strategies for the company. He has a dynamic personality, willing to take challenges and propose effective solutions. Ahsan Rehman has vast experience in building customer trust and retaining it. His technical experience in product design and development gives him a key advantage to mould the product according to customer demands and providing them the best of services. Ahsan Rehman is also serving as Project Head for Aqua Agro which has been recently incubated in NIC Karachi and is responsible for solving the national water crisis for the country.


Muhammad Zunair
Machine Learning Engineer

Zunair Ahmed is the Senior Developer at S|Cube. He is an AI enthusiast and has worked on several groundbreaking machine learning projects. Zunair also brings valuable experience from having worked in multinational companies. His research interests and field experience in AI and machine learning make him an extremely valuable and potential resource for the company. His recent work on image processing and machine learning algorithms has attracted foreign clients and he is by far successful in delivering to their requirements and developing a high stature for the company.

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